​​Five-Spice Philly is an organization dedicated to showcase Philadelphia’s thriving Asian food and international food scene.  We seek to bring Philadelphia residents and all incoming visitors the latest in Philadelphia’s cuisine and entertainment.   Five-Spice Philly will be your guide and help you dine, drink and experience in Philadelphia and its Chinatown.  We will provide you detailed information on our programs and our upcoming events that everyone will immensely enjoy and can’t resist.

​From day one, Five-Spice Philly has been committed to the spread of Chinese and Western culture and received wide attention from all people in Philadelphia and around the world.  From celebrating the lively, festive dumplings feast, to touring the sanctuary of the majestic wild wolves, we lead every reader to taste a world of food, the concept of thousands of worlds. Over the course of a month, under our careful management, Five-Spice Philly has made some remarkable achievements. 

Past Events

ASIAN Cuisine.


 928 Race St

Ste 2B

Philadelphia, PA


Philly Chinatown (between 9th and 10th St)

Tel 2153524324