ASIAN Cuisine.


 928 Race St

Ste 2B

Philadelphia, PA


Philly Chinatown (between 9th and 10th St)

Tel 2153524324 


Our WeChat Operation

We operate WeChat, the major Chinese social media platform that is very popular in the Chinese community.  We publish our articles on a daily basis.  We publish weekly guides about the places to visit, the places to eat, and other articles about cultural and food for enjoyment and entertainment for both worlds.  All of our articles are written in Chinese which greatly help local residents in the Chinese community.  As of today, all of our WeChat platform publishing and operation is on a non-profit basis, meaning we do not bring in any revenue from our WeChat operation, thus we are serving the local Chinese community as volunteers.  

We are committed to serve the local community and it is our mission to make contributions to economic, community, social, cultural, health and food development and growth in the Chinese Community, Philly Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia, making Philly Chinatown and  City of  Philadelphia a better place to live, visit, dine, shop and entertain.