Five-Spice Philly

2017 Asian Food and Cultural Festival

费城五味 2017 亚洲美食文化节

Celebrates Authentic and Healthy Asian Food, Soup and Art of living With Us
Five-Spice Philly Asian Cultural and Food Festival is designed to excite and inspire food lovers of all ages from the world. 

Mother's Day Celebration -Chinatown's Dumpling Making Party

We have hosted four dumplings making parties as the part of Chinese New Year celebration at our Chinatown location.  Each one was huge success. All our guests were very enthusiastic about dumpling making! 

We also accept Birthday Party reservations throughout the year and can host the Dumpling Making Party (with and without wine tasting) at the location/home you designate for your convenience.  We can make it family friendly as well. 

Please note that this dumpling making party is a family friendly event. Any ages are welcome. 


Would you like to Join us for a Family Friendly Fun Dumping Party for Mother's Day Celebration?  - BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!!!

We cordially invite your family to attend a fun DIY Dumpling Afternoon/Evening for Mother's Day Celebration right in the heart of Philly’s Chinatown. While tasting other Chinese appetizers, everyone in the families, no matter young or old, will acquire a new cooking skill – learn to make your own dumplings from Yin! 

Yin’s story - Growing up, my grandmother’s visits to our home meant one thing: All of the dumplings. She would drop by on a Sunday morning, bags in with ground pork, tofu, vegetables, and packages of dumpling wrappers. My family would devote the entire afternoon to filling and pleating our way through hundreds of dumplings, as my mother would boil and pan-fry batches for us to eat as we worked. We’d freeze what we couldn’t eat, to be pulled out on busy weeknights when none of us felt like cooking. That experience has shaped who I am today. Many years have passed, I still love making dumplings and experimenting on different fillings. 

In the family friendly dumplings making party, your family will enjoy a hands-on adventure - make-your-own dumplings. You'll be guided, taught by Yin who is a dumping making expert and learn how to fill and shape your own pot stickers, wontons, and more in an authentic way. 

We will prepare dumping sauces in advance. We may either use pre-made wrappers or make wraps on our own right in the party. We will also prepare at least two types of recipes for fillings (meat, e.g. kale and ground pork, and vegetables): each person will make at least five of each dumpling. Participants will be placed to teams on a family basis and we will compete among the teams to see which team will produce the best looking dumplings! We will either cook one recipe at a time and pause to eat between batches, or we’d rather cook them all at the end. Either way, dinner will be delicious! 

Dumplings are the singular best food to make for (and with) a crowd: They’re easy, fun, beginner, and cook up super quickly. The more hands you we on deck, the quicker the dumplings come together and the faster we can get eating. 

So we will need more of You! Come to Join us for a Dumping Chinese New Year’! It will be a totally fun experience for your entire family! 

Our party will be from 4pm to 7pm on May 14th 2017 so that you will be able to attend other Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown on Chinese New Year. 

It was fabulous to hear people's experiences with making dumplings, how they didn't think they could do it and how they practiced and persisted. As someone at our past dumping making party said, "Dumplings are instant smiles." 
Bonus – your family will also learn how to use chopsticks in a correct way. A small game will be held to find out who the best chopstick user is. Note: Native Chinese are not eligible for the game. 

PLACE: 928 Race St, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107  

CONTACT: Tel: 215-352-4324 

TIME: Mother's Day, May 14, 2017, from 4pm to 7pm 

WHAT TO BRING: We will provide all dumpling making experience and fun, and Chinese appetizers.  You just come and are ready to have fun. 

WHO AND WHAT ARE THE AGE RANGES: The event will open to public, all families, all ages.  

COST: $35/adult prepaid, $40/adult pay at door (the price includes dumplings, and Chinese appetizers) 

CANCELLATION POLICY: You will receive a full refund if: 
- The event is canceled 
- The event is rescheduled 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you or your child has allergy situation, please inform me. Also you must sign a waiver form before attending the event. 


You are also welcome to attend our other events: 

Five-Spice Tour of Philly's Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting 

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 928 Race St

Ste 2B

Philadelphia, PA


Philly Chinatown (between 9th and 10th St)

Tel 2153524324 

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